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October 12 1990 – Toulouse

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Had a turbulent night’s sleep, that is waking every 2 hours, but I am becoming accustomed to the time here.

I got out of bed at around 8:00 and had cereal for breakfast. I walked to David’s work with Eileen and Simon. It is about 20 minutes away along a lovely canal which connects the Mediterranean to the Atlantic [Canal du Midi]. We took a different route back, stopping to buy pain au chocolate to had with our morning coffee.

Eileen took us on a drive into the countryside which is so close, where I found what I had anticipated in France: narrow, winding roads up and down hills in lovely country, and shops selling cheese, produce, fresh bread and wine. I was in heaven, and the weather was beautiful and warm.

We ate the bread and cheese for lunch, then drove into the city to explore. I changed some money, which fetched a poor rate of 4.3 francs/dollar. I wandered around the curving, busy streets looking at the ancient buildings and the people who spent a great deal of time primping and preening themselves, and don’t look at you.

I saw Les Jacobins, a large church and St-Etienne, a romanesque cathedral dating from the 11th Century. It is a very solid structure, inside and out, and quite austere within. I sat inside for a while, simply enlightening the senses.

Simon and I met at 3:30 and drank citron pressés before heading home.

I slept for an hour.

For dinner we had turkey in baguette pieces, fresh mozzarella and tomato salad (yum!) 12 franc wine and very stinky camembert for dessert.

I greatly look forward to riding my bike that I assembled this evening in the country.

I miss Jessica deeply.


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October 12, 1990 at 20:40

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