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October 14 1990 – Les Pyrénées

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October 14 – 7:30am

Yesterday: slept fairly well, then woke up to eat a wonderful continental breakfast of fresh croissant that melted in one’s mouth, bread, jams and coffee.

After a while we all piled into the car and drove southwest. The first hour and a half was flat and fairly dull, but then we started coming to villages, and then to the foothills of Les Pyrénées. In a town we bought some cheese and poked around in a market, then drove further into the mountains, encountering the switchbacked, narrow roads the mountains are famous for.

We came to a village a fair ways up, and turned down into a valley by a river to eat our lunch, which I took pictures of.

The valley was breath taking, typical of what one would expect in these mountains: steep, high peaks, grass, ancient buildings, warmth, grass. It took my breath away.

We set off again after an hour and a half, and drove to the Grande Randonnée, a hiking trail which extends along the entire length of the Pyrénées with lodges that contain beds and food every so often. We hiked in about 5kms, up about 350m to Lac d’Oô, which sits in a basin high up in the mountains, with a waterfall crashing in, peaks looming over, and goats bleating wildly.

We trekked back down the trail to the car after sufficient absorbing of the scenery, and drove to the top of the col 1560m, which had spectacular and hair-raising switchbacks, but afforded a lovely view.

Driving home, I dozed a little. We ate pizza emporter for dinner, then I went straight to sleep at about 9:00.



Went for a lovely ride in the country south of Toulouse with Simon. It was sunny, hot and very windy. The hill here are phenomenally steep, providing terrific winding descents. We only rode about 40km, but ended up quite baked. We would often climb the hills just to survey the countryside, which is dry, rolling and agricultural, with many a small, scenic town.

Many other cyclists were out and about on a sunny Sunday, almost all older men but I saw two females. No youths were visible. They must spend all their time dressing up and smoking.

At home we watched the Paris-Tours race which was presented in a very detailed, live format. I also phoned mom and dad.


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