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October 15 1990 – Toulouse

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Woke at 7:30, feeling groggy and headachey. I wandered around the house and watched some French TV.

Around 11:00, Simon and I walked to the bus to go to the Mirail University. The buses run often and quickly.

We wandered around the university, which is a rather peculiar lay-out; essentially one ground-level gridular unit of connecting rues. After a fair search we found Amphi #1, then went for lunch which we ate on a nearby wall. We had poulet sandwiches in baguettes.

At 1:30 we took our placement tests for French classes along with about 150 other students from literally all over the world.

The test itself was challenging, as a large part was responding to oral selections, chock full of words I could not understand, plus in between sections, people would all start smoking, and there was a crying baby and a dog present.

Not quite recovered, we took the bus home and headed out for exercise. I tore along the canal which runs through the city and connects the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Imagine that! It takes one out of the city and into the country quite quickly. Following the canal, which is tree-lined, is both a gravel and a paved path. I hammered out for about ½ an hour before heading home. I felt much better as a result.

I am looking forward to living away from a family because , to be honest, I don’t really like the family situation here.


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October 15, 1990 at 14:56

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