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October 17 1990 – Toulouse

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Had quite an enjoyable day yesterday. I bought 5 postcards and wrote them to Derek, Mom + Dad, Anthony and Graham. I wrote one for Jessica on Sunday. They were all mailed yesterday in Ramonville.

Simon and I headed towards downtown to look into a division of an American college on Rue Japon in search of French language studies, but they offered nothing at our level. It was interesting to see a group of American Ivy-league types speaking fluent French.

We walked into downtown to St-Étienne cathedral, a gothic piece whose mottled, unbalanced outside doesn’t do justice to its wondrous inside. The stones were all worn from 800 years of people walking around the choir, the light shone through the stained-glass windows, and somebody played the organ, the sound rattling my bones in a most pleasurable way. Sat down and just listened for a while.

After we walked around downtown with buildings one associates with France, with balconies, shutters and window boxes. This inspired us to search for a place to live, so we searched downtown for à louer signs.


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October 17, 1990 at 15:06

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