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Arrival in Hong Kong

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I’ve arrived and am comfortable establish in Kin-yi’s apartment! I’ll keep this a bit brief because I’m pretty tired – after all, it’s almost time to get up in Vancouver. The flight was fine. I was next to slightly over-chatty Calgarian, but otherwise was comfortable. I managed probably about 4 hours of sleep, which help the 13 hours go by a bit quicker. Kin-yi was at the airport, as planned, although it took a while to spot her in the crowd (she doesn’t exactly stand out). We took a double decker bus into Tsuen Wan, and she called everyone to tell them that I arrived. I even got to talk to Baht Baht on the phone. As you can imagine, the conversation didn’t get very far. Ne hau. That’s about it.

Kin-yi seems to speak a very interesting dialect of chinglish these days, kind of using words from each language where she feels like it. Fortunately I can understand. I wonder if it comes from talking to Rehman? Her apartment seems to be about the size of our living room. Good thing she’s not very big! Nice place, though. We just finished up a dinner of take-out congee. Anyhooo, I should get to bed. My goal is to try and make it to 10pm, which I might just do.

Tomorrow, Kin-yi and I are going to run errands in Tsim Tsa Tsui (or however you spell it) – change money, train tickets, etc.

Some complications have come up regarding Guangzhou: theres’ a huge trade fair on, and all the hotels are full up, including Dad’s favourite, the Guangdong Guest House. Ping found me a place, but it’s a 4 star hotel costing $600hk a night, which is a bit dear for me. Kin-yi and I are going to call the youth hostel tomorrow morning to see if they have any room. I’ll keep you posted. Tomorrow I’m heading to Tai Po for dinner Chez Les Kwoks, which will be delicious as always!


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October 20, 2004 at 04:37

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