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So, I spent the day getting organized and wandering around. I took the bus in to Tsim Tsa Tsui with Kin-yi, she checked in at work, then we went to meet Rehman (who is flying to London today to sell suits). Rehman took me to the Chungking Mansions where I got some USD, then we went to China Travel Service where I got my bus ticket to Guangzhou. Turns out I couldn’t buy my train tickets there, so I went back to Kin-yi’s office and we called Titan in Guangzhou to see if he could help out. He was able to get me a ticket to Guilin, and I decided to go tomorrow night instead of friday, as even the university dorms are going for 400Y right now!

The ticket is all taken care of, and Titan will meet me at the China hotel tomorrow at lunch time. I’ll have about 5 hours in Guangzhou before the train leaves. This means that I will have to get ahold of Zhang Feng’s friend in Guilin, and let him know that I’ll actually be getting in on friday morning, not saturday. I’ll email Feng, and I’ll try and call his friend. I realize that he will be working on friday morning.

Back to my day. I had some Shanghai noodles with Kin-yi for lunch, then took the MTR to the Golden Shopping Centre, the computer mecca. Alas, it no longer sells pirated software and CDs – must be the Chinese influence. They do sell lots of computer stuff, and I picked up a 512mb memory card for my camera for $50. I rode back towards Tsimsy and wandered over to the Star Ferry. Alas, the view wasn’t breathtaking as the haze is thick and palpable. The Star Ferry is still a hoot, and a great deal to boot. The lower deck cost $1.70 each way. I don’t know how they stay in business. I didn’t do much over in Central besides having a look at the HK Shanghai Bank building. Back on this side I got a bit lost, but eventually found my way back to Raja.

Tonight, it’s dinner in Tai Po with Les Kwoks. Huzzah!

And tomorrow it’s off to China and the biu sooks.


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October 21, 2004 at 00:41

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