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 I’ve arrived. The flight was loooooooong (14hrs) and uneventful. Someone near me seemed to be farting a lot, but what can you do? Kin-yi and Rehman met me at the airport – sign of a small victory? Bussed into Tsuen Wan, grabbed some take out jook and went to Kin-yi’s lovely small flat. We’re all heading into Kowloon this morning. I’ll poke around a bit, then we’ll have a curry lunch. I think A Kei will join us, then I’ll spend the afternoon with him. I hope to pursuade him to go to Tai O on Lantau Island. We’ll all have dinner tonight in Tai Po. Tomorrow will be a dinner in Chuen Lung. Yum! I have lunch plans tomorrow with Gary Wong’s friend Joseph Yao, who also happens to be a camera dealer. No doubt my pocket will be a bit lighter after that meeting.

Not too jetlagged (yet). I slept quite a bit on the plane and through the night. I think that the melatonin helped.
Gotta run – time to head to Kowloon.

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November 6, 2006 at 17:33

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