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Hong Kong, Part Deux

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I’m in Kei’s house in Chuen Lung where we just finished a small meal of dim sum. It’s overcast and quite cool today, and very pleasant up here in the forest. I wish that I could say the same about the rest of Honkers. Overall, it’s a pretty outrageous place. I think that before long, it will be a solid mass of 50 storey concrete with clogged up roads in the chasms below. At least they have a good transit system and some semblance of preservation of the forests on the hillsides.

Yesterday was a very full day. Kei picked me up and we came up here and had some dim sum, then strolled a couple of kms through the woods. I then zipped to Central and took a mini bus part way up the Peak to meet Dr. Joseph Yao, a friend of Gary Wong and Tom’s for lunch at the Ladies Recreation Club, one of those places where you have to wait 3 years to become a member. It’s 100 years old. Joseph is a nice fellow, and we chatted about common friends, life in HK and cameras, of course. After, he whipped me up to the top in his customized Mini Cooper, where he dropped me off and I peered through the haze at HK down below, and watched fat brits sit in rickshaws to have their photos taken. Kei met me there and we rolled down into Stanley which was full of gwailohs and Filipinas who were either pushing white babies in strollers or dragging dogs around. We wandered through the market and along the shore, and looked at an interesting new building on the waterfront which uses stonework from old buildings all over HK. It was very attractive. Actually I’ve noticed that some of the newer architecuture here is quite nice. Most is garish and vomitous, as always, but there some exceptions.

A long drive back via a stop to pick up A Fei to Chuen Lung, and a delicous dinner cooked by Kau Mo: lotus root, watercress, green beans, chicken, and more. Tasty home-cooked stuff. Kei drove me back down to Kin-yi’s where Rehman and her were digging into late night curry (seems to be a tradition). Rehman made a point of coming by to see me. I slept pretty well but woke at 4pm for a bit. Then dozed off again.

Packed up an rode a mini bus up to Chuen Lung and here I am. Kei and I are about to head out. We’ll run an errand in town, then he’ll take me to the airport. Flight is to Bangkok, then I’ll transfer to Kuala Lumpur. Tomorrow morning I fly to Kuching at 11am, and Jeremy will meet me at the airport. Apparently there will be a big Guan Yin festival tomorrow night. Can’t wait.

I’m also very excited about the food.


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November 8, 2006 at 17:39

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