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It just rained several bucket-loads, but the sun is now out, promising a thick, muggy day, which is par for the course here. I touched down yesterday at lunch time after a relatively uneventful journey from Honkers to Bangkok (changes airlines in the brand new huge airport) to KLL. I spent the night in KL. Turns out they have a new terminal – LCC (low-cost carriers) for budget airlines. I was totally perplexed when I got off the plane into a small, ordinary terminal, nothing like the flash KLIA. Turns out that’s 20kms away around the other side of the airport. So much for my airport hotel plans. Fortunately there was another one not too far away, but it was very basic (but new).

Jeremy met me at the airport and we promptly went for lunch – Malay food: nasi lemak, randang and curried beans, and ‘pulled tea’ which is like chai. We did a driving tour of the town afterwards. It’s pleasant – great arcaded shops on twisting streets, colonial buildings, outdoor restaurants and markets, and a mix of Malays and various Chinese groups, plus a few Indians thrown in. I’m staying in a hotel very close to Jeremy’s house. I was going to stay with him, but things have taken a complex and tragic turn. His family has just found out that his aunt likely has terminal pancreatic cancer. Right now his mom is fighting cancer herself (although her prognosis is good). Jeremy will likely have to be around Kuching for all of next week to support his family, so our travel plans will have to be adjusted. There is lots to do around here – orangutan preserves, crododile farms, river cruises, and so on – so I can keep busy here, but I may take off myself to Sabah, the next state over, by myself. Jeremy should have a better sense of things after monday. I really want to try and make it to Sabah as the snorkeling is world-famous and the seafood is apparently great. I’ll keep you posted. Jeremy should be free after this week, and we’re still on for Cambodia.

After I showered in the hotel, we went for a long walk from one end of the city to the other. It was very sticky, but I enjoyed the atmosphere a lot. The sights and smells actually reminded me of old Hong Kong when it had some soul. There is a lot of socializing and public life. The layout and architecture are very attractive. I hope that I can capture it on film.

We had noodles, loh baht and icy bean jelly dessert in an outdoor chinese food market. Mmmm. I was back at the hotel at 9pm and promptly fell into bed. I had my first sound sleep of the trip, out like a light until 7am. Jer wandered over an met me at around half-past, and we went to roti chennai at the local Indian place.


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November 10, 2006 at 01:42

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