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After our morning with Ritchie the orangutan, we wandered around the centre of Kuching a bit, waiting for some very heavy rain to stop (it is the monsoon, after all), and then heading to the coast to visit a couple of kampungs (villages). The first (Santubong) was chock-a-block with kids – wonderful little Malay boys and girls who were playing baseball/cricket like games with sticks, balls, and running around. Several young girls followed me around, no doubt tickled by my proboscis-monkey like appearance. “Hello!” “Take my peektcha!” Jeremy says that the Some boys showed us their weelie skills riding up and down the street. Malays tend to be rather fruitful when it comes to having children, hence their substantial numbers.

We also stopped for coffee in a chinese coffee shop/dry goods store in the kampung. The clientele could best be describe as indolent, or simply asleep. Even a cat on a chair was fast asleep, upside down. Of course, I photographed the occasion. The store was a wonderful collection of many dusty objects and food items. There was a poster on the wall of a bed broken in half. According for Jeremy, it was for aphrodisiacs.

Down the road is kampung Buntal, which again has many young sprouts. Three boys followed us on a walk along the beach: “Hello!” “Today is Monday Tuesday Friday!” The kampung is known for its seafood restaurants and of course we had to partake. We sat on a large outdoor patio overlooking the water and watching white storks fly overhead in the dusk and assemble on some fishing weirs offshore. For dinner we ate young ferns cooked in wine sauce and ginger, steamed pomfret and curried razorback clams. Yum!

On the way home, we stopped for four durians which are now in the back of the car. Shortly we will drive to Jeremy’s aunt and uncle’s place to partake. Still not sure if I like durian. I guess I’ll find out.


Written by sockeyed

November 18, 2006 at 02:01

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