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Leaving Vancouver

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Vancouver was in the throes of fall when we left. I don’t recall a fall with colours quite like this, and such dramatic light, with late-day low-angle sunlight illuminating the trees against dark grey clouds. The sun was cracking through the clouds the afternoon we left. We went for a short walk around the neighbourhood and down to Commercial Drive to get some fresh air between cleaning the house and driving to the airport. The air was lovely and crisp.

Dad came over a bit after noon and drove us out. Actually, I drove at his request. We checked in instantly and wandered the airport, both ground side and air side, to pass time before we left (and to avoid sitting down). The flight on Cathay left at 3:15 or so, and was pretty much uneventful, which is a good thing for a flight to be. I ordered Indian vegetarian food which seemed to be the wise choice against Kristi’s ordinary vegetarian meals. The flight was 14 hours, which is plenty long enough to get a sore butt. I watched some movies, read, listened to music. I discovered that listening to BBC lectures on my iPod (“In Our Time”) was a great way to fall asleep (something about English professors), although Kristi managed to sleep more than I did.

The plane touched down in Hong Kong at around 8:30 and we flew through emigration and before long were on the A31 bus into Tsuen Wan. Even though it was dark, Kristi was already gawking at the scale and density of the buildings here. We hopped off the bus at th end of the line at Discovery Park and walked the few hundred metres to Kin-yi’s apartment. The apartment always feels like a home away from home, and is exciting because it means the start of a new trip into Asia.


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October 27, 2008 at 01:00

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