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Lost Wallets, Eating and Eating

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A lousy start to the day: Kristi realized that she’d lost her wallet the night before, probably on the mini bus (as she’d used it to get on). It likely just fell out of her bag, or she missed the pocket when trying to put it away. In the wallet was ID, credit card, bank card and cash. A phone call or two and everyone was looking for it. Calls were made to the mini bus company, and we walked to the police station to file a report. Later in the day, we even rode the same bus with the same driver and asked him about it. No luck.

Nonetheless, we still made the best of what was left of the day. Just before noon we took the number 80 mini bus up the mountain to Chun Lung, Kei’s village. Not long after we arrived, his parents showed up and we had a great meal in their restaurant in the village. It was mostly dim sum, but also sai yeung choi, or watercress, grown right there in Chun Lung. Communication wasn’t easy as my Cantonese is terrible, but we still enjoyed ourselves. Uncle (Kau Fu – Kei’s father) even drove us to the top of Dai Mo Shan, the peak above the village, for a great view down. It was a nice opportunity for Kristi to see that part of Hong Kong. As expected, she really liked the quiet rural character of the village.

Kau Fu drove us back down into town on his way to pick up his granddaughter Ga Lam from school. We took the MTR into Tsim Sha Tsui for a quick walk around Kowloon Park, then we met Ah Wah at her office and she introduced us to her work for the local government promoting local horticulture – garden and vegetable-growing projects.

With some time to kill before dinner, Kristi and I wandered through Mong Kok at dusk. I had be hoping to show her that level of urban pedestrian life – seas of people on streets closed to traffic. We wandered through the ticky-tacky wares for sale in the Ladies Market while we were in the area.

We joined the rush-hour throngs on the KCR train and rolled to Tai Po, hopped a taxi and were at Baht-Baht and Ah-Leung’s for an absolutely delicious home-cooked dinner preceded by a series of goofy Wii computer games with Wah’s kids, Jun Jun and King King. Of course they trounced us soundly although I was particularly good at one dynamite-related game. The meal was fantastic. Dishes included greens cooked with fermented fish, piles of mushrooms, savoury egg custard, steamed garoupa fish, green beans and mountains of fresh shrimp. Of course, Baht Baht poured me a glass of brandy at the end of the meal. Wah’s husband Ah Gong arrived at the end and drove us home to Tsuen Wan. Jun Jun came along for the ride as he loves cars.


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October 29, 2008 at 01:00

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  1. That sucks about the wallet, but it looks like the food partially made up for it. Thumbs up!

    Jeremy Tan

    October 29, 2008 at 20:33

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