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A Food Wish List

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I’m currently en route to Singapore on a Jetstar flight. The food trolley is wafting very pleasant smells my way, but instead of buying a meal, I made a list of food that I want to eat on this trip:

  • nasi lemak
  • hokkien mee
  • teh tarik
  • roti chennai
  • banana leaf curry dinner
  • nonya food
  • mango sticky rice
  • otlam
  • tamahoon
  • cafe lao

I’m sure that the list will expand as I think about it a while. I think that my belly is already expanding.

Not much to write about regarding this morning. We packed up and left the apartment at 8:00 and rode the A31 bus to the airport. As usual, there was a long and circuitous hike to our gate, but like many things in Hong Kong, passport control and customs were very fast and efficient; so much different from back home.

We should be touching down in Singapore a bit before 3:00, a couple of hours from now.

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October 30, 2008 at 00:30

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