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Waterlogged Ear

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Despite the noise of a live band playing not far away, I managed to get a good night’s sleep, probably in part due to air con, and partly due to earplugs. I had water from yesterday’s snorkelling trapped in my left ear, and no amount of bouncing on one foot last night or this morning would dislodge it. Unfortunately this led to discomfort in this morning’s dive to Halik, north of the island. I had quite lot of trouble equalizing the pressure in my ear on the way down but eventually got things sorted out. The dive itself was not as impressive as others. We were carried by a current along a relatively featureless slope of mostly broken coral with a few pretty areas. We saw a few good local residents: a bump-head parrotfish, emperor angels, titan triggers, clown fish and a couple of sizeable turtles.

Back on shore my ear started to bother me some more. Talking with a dive instructor, he figured that some salt water had got in and the ear became inflamed, effectively sealing it in, which explained why I couldn’t bounce it out. He suggested that I pick up some ear drops called Otopain from the clinic on the island, so we walked down there and I procured some with minimal effort and we strolled back. Dramatic weather was blowing across from Lombok: huge waves were breaking off of Gili Meno (with surfers riding them), and even Trawangan’s harbour had some waves rolling in, much to the delight of local naked kids splashing in the surf. We had lunch at a nice place just off the market. I munched a salade nicoise and drank a mixed fruit juice with coconut milk and vitamins in it. As we sat there the clouds and wind blew in dramatically and we even had a few splashes of rain. After, I stopped at Coco for my daily iced cappuccino and Kristi headed back to the bungalow as she wasn’t feeling great.

We spent the afternoon relaxing: Kristi in bed, napping or with a book, and me on the porch with one of the local cats on my lap until she got too hot. There are lovely cats here, with long noses and large ears, and many with wrecked-looking tails. They are usually orange or some blend of white and grey-brown. Some are grey with lovely darker spots and green eyes. They all look related (and they probably are).

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November 10, 2008 at 01:17

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