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I’ve had a very enjoyable time in Phnom Penh with Sue, Vinh and Rick.  I’ve eaten three excellent meals a day, visited the armed forces market to buy a couple of pairs of new Thai army pants, drunk a river of Anchor Beer at the Rock Bar, rode on the back of Vinh’s Samyang motorbike, napped, and more.  It has been a great way to wind down my trip.  The weather has been clear and breezy.  There have been a few downsides.  The first night I barely slept despite being exhausted from the bus ride.  Second, the wonderful Kennedy Barbershop has disappeared (but at least I photographed it last year).  Finally, my laptop died.  The thing simply won’t start up and I fear the hard drive has suffered an epic crash.  This isn’t totally dire as all of my photos are backed up externally on two hard drives, plus I sent a third home with Derek.  I did lose the November 3rd blog post and had to rewrite it on a hotel computer.  The fortunate thing is that my laptop waited until the end of my trip to die rather than somewhere in India or Laos.  It’s really nothing to cry about.  Worse things happen.

Tonight I’ll be flying to Bangkok, then to Hong Kong tomorrow morning.


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November 5, 2009 at 18:22

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