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My stay in Bangkok was pleasant and not particularly memorable.  I stayed in the clean and comfortable Gold Silver Garden Guest House a short distance from the airport for a very reasonable $27/night.  They picked me up at the airport and delivered me again early the next morning.

It was unusual to be flying into Hong Kong in the middle of the day rather than the evening.  There was so much to see: rugged green peaks, massive highrise developments in the New Territories, and busy waterways.  I made my way quickly through the always-efficient airport and rode the A31 bus into Tsuen Wan (again interesting in the daytime).  I popped into Kin-yi’s apartment to drop off my stuff and shower, then headed into Sham Shui Po – the computer mecca – in Kowloon to look at getting my laptop repaired.  I found an entire mall of tiny repair shops one block over from the Golden Computer Centre and spotted a guy with a couple of Acer laptops, so I figured he could help out.  He quickly confirmed that my hard drive was kaput, so I walked over to the Centre and bought a new 320GB hard drive for $500 HK (about $80) and brought it back to him.  I left it with him for the night.

Dad arrived on the A31 with Ah Man and Jeremy Lai around 8:30.  I met him at the bus loop and we walked back to Kin-yi’s for him to drop his things off and clean up, then we went for a late dinner in the Discovery Park mall.  Returning home I did a bit of email on his computer, then hit the sack and slept very soundly until 6:30am.

At around 9:30 we went into the centre of Tsuen Wan and hopped a minibus up the mountain to Chun Lung, Kau Fu, Kau Mo and Ah Kei’s family village nestled in a forest preserve.  We ate a delicious dim sum lunch in their family restaurant, joined by them, Ah Man and Jeremy.

We spent much of the afternoon in Kowloon, first picking up my computer (a mere $200 [$30] for service), then visiting Rehman in his tailor shop in East Tsim Sha Tsui.  By the late afternoon we’d returned to Kin-yi’s where dad had a short nap, then we took the bus and train over to Tai Po for the traditional home-cooked feast with the entire Kwok clan.  Dishes included steamed shrimp, fresh chicken, watercress, mushrooms and duck feet, and wonderful stuffed fish.  Ah Kong kindly drove me all the way to the airport in his new Toyota Picnic, a kind of practical mini-minivan.  We dropped dad off at the apartment when we stopped to get my luggage.  And now here I am, waiting to board my flight back home.  It’s hard to imagine that I will soon by in our own bed after all the different beds in all the different places I’ve been too in the last four weeks.


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November 7, 2009 at 09:11

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