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My books of 2010

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I managed to read a fair number of books in 2010, in part due to my new ebook reader which enabled me to easily carry around any books I had on the go.  These are the ones that I got through in the last year, with a summary/review in haiku form for each:

Gary Shteyngart – The Russian Debutante’s Handbook

Eastern European

Gangsters, track suits and cafes

A riotous ending

Gary Shteyngart – Super Sad True Love Story

It is super sad

USA collapses, and

folks can’t spell, just shop.

Vernor Vinge – Rainbow’s End

Folks wear computers

Amine flash mobs, libraries

Destroyed to save books.

Neal Stephenson – The Diamond Age, or a Young Girl’s Illustrated Primer

Interactive book

Neo-Victorians folks

Vast dummer orgies.

Connie Willis – Doomsday Book

Plagues past and future

Time travelling historians

Good ethnography.

Connie Willis – To Say Nothing of the Dog

More historians

Cathedral research their aim

Is history changed?

Connie Willis – Blackout/All Clear

World War II this time

History altered: bad? good?

Historians stuck.

James Webb – Fields of Fire

Vietnam Marines

Running around in the shit

Not a pleasant place.

Hugh Ambrose – The Pacific

Written with the show

The Pacific war is told

But dad writes better.

Eugene Sledge – With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa

Brutal and gritty

The Marines take on Japan

Glad I was not there.

Stephen King – The Dome

Folks turn real nasty

When their town is a fish bowl

Pretty weak ending.

John Burdett – Bangkok 8/Bangkok Tattoo/Bangkok Haunts/ The Godfather of Kathmandu

Sonchai Jitpleecheep

Detective who solves wild crimes

Mom runs a brothel.

James Clavell – Taipan

Hong Kong’s early days

White guy comes and does some trade

Then comes big typhoon.


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