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Nirvana Ticket

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Nirvana Ticket
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I found this in a box last week. In 1991 I was in first year at McGill University in Montreal. Nirvana was coming to town. I’d seen them a year or two before, opening up for Sonic Youth at Vancouver’s New York Theatre on Commercial Drive (Dale from The Melvins had been drumming for them). Nevermind had just been released, but there was a lag before Nirvana hit it big. I wandered around my residence trying to get someone to come with me but only one person was interested, my friend Jeremy Tan, fresh from Malaysia. Foufounes was not a big club, but it was packed. The show was stunning; probably the best I ever saw. Kurt Cobain was in fine form, swinging from the rafters and generally going ape-shit. David Grohl beat the crap out of the drums. The whole thing just rocked, and the The Melvins were a fine appetizer.

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February 12, 2006 at 06:37

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